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Here are the 12 biggest parenting mistakes that can lead to serious trouble for our kids. Parents often make mistakes when raising their children. This is because parents are themselves not trained. The damaged part of a parent’s personality can leave crucial imprints on the innocent minds of the children. Parental-philia relationship is unconditional, it demands great care and love that is very natural.

Parenting is a major subject that must be included in our curriculum. They might not know how to handle certain situations with their children or get stuck in a cycle of bad decisions. Parents need to be open-minded and want to listen to their children when trying to learn more about the world around them. Here are certain mistakes which should be avoided for the best training of children.

“When parents do not have rules or set limits, the risks include negative behavior, temper tantrums, hostility, defiance, and attention-seeking behaviors,” says Dr. Gulotta.




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Mistake #1 – Not Taking Time to understand their Baby’s Needs

The first mistake that parents make is not taking the time to understand their baby’s needs. They rush through the process and end up with a baby that doesn’t get enough attention or affection from them. This can lead to various problems such as colic, reflux, sleep problems, and more.

Mistake #2 – Not setting boundaries

 The second mistake parents make is not having a plan. Parents need to have clear expectations for their children. This includes what activities are allowed and what is not allowed in their home. It’s also important to have rules in place so that your kids understand how you expect them to behave. One of the major mistakes parents make is not setting boundaries. They don’t set clear limits on when it’s appropriate for kids to be online, play video games

Mistake #3 – Using Rewards and Punishments Instead of Natural Motivation to Encourage Good Behavior

 This mistake is related to the previous one, using rewards and punishments instead of natural motivation.

The key to good behavior is finding a way to motivate the individual without using rewards or punishments.

Parents who want their children to behave well to get what they want commonly make this mistake.  We give rewards to the children y when they do something good and punish them when they do something bad. This type of reward-punishment system only creates negative feelings in the child and doesn’t teach them how to be motivated by their self-interests.


Mistake #4 – Relying on Technology and Screen Time as the Solution – rather than creating natural social moments with their Baby/Toddler


Kids are addicted to technology and screen time. They are often more engaged in their devices than their family. A recent study found that kids who spend more time with their parents have better social and emotional skills than kids who spend more time on screens.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to take charge of your kid’s screen time. It is important to be proactive in setting limits for screens, especially for younger kids.

Even if you don’t have the energy or desire to manage your kid’s screen time, you can still create moments with them that will help them develop social and emotional skills.

Mistake #5 – Ignoring High-Risk Situations & Dangerous Situations that they can prevent.

This is a common mistake that many people make. It can lead to serious consequences and even death.

The 5th mistake that most people make is ignoring high-risk and dangerous situations that they can prevent. Some of these situations include:


  • – Driving while intoxicated or fatigued
  • – Walking on the road while distracted by your phone
  • – Trespassing onto someone else’s property without permission
  • – Taking drugs or alcohol before going to work

Mistake # 6- The Use of Offensive Words

“Self-love is a positive sign and is natural”, but the use of offensive and taunting words develop self-hate that is unnatural. Parents should keep in view the self-esteem of their children while talking to them. Parents should not talk harshly. Avoid asking toxic questions to them. Unnecessary queries can develop skepticism.

In essence, they can lose confidence. Performance only can groom. Let them perform and learn from their experience. Lack of self-confidence generates self-doubt. This self-doubt snatches their initiative. This mental state leads to the destruction of relationships. Extreme harsh words can destroy the personality of your child completely

Mistake # 7- Unintentional quarrels before kids can damage the process of successful parenting.

Emotionally controlled, visionary, confident, able to handle the challenging situation, composure, initiative… We can only develop these personality traits in a more conducive environment. But unfortunately, parents lose control and quarrel before kids which is a great hassle in developing positive deportment.

Mistake # 8- Unintentional criticism mars their personality

Constant criticism leaves negative effects on the child’s mental development. It leads to the child’s negative approach towards himself, he loses his self–esteem, and confidence.  Moreover, it also generates negative energy.

Mistake # 9- Unhealthy comparisons can spoil your child

Parents are accustomed to comparing their children with other children, which is very damaging to the personality of a child. Every person is born different, no two persons are alike. Comparison can only exist between two equal objects or persons. And two persons can never be equal.

Comparison is only with oneself and not with others. Healthy comparisons will produce confidence in them and will lead them to constant and never-ending improvement. Naturally, he will improve by making each day better.

Comparison with others develops jealousy in them. And such negative sentiments can further be more destructive.

Mistake #10- Delivering Abusing statement

This means to say something very definitely. For example, to say such as, “You are good for nothing.”; or “You are a dullard.” Avoid defined statements, otherwise, they will become a victim of low self-esteem. This can inhibit his process of development. Abusing statement is a full stop to the next level of success.

Mistake # 11- Emotional Abuse

As a matter of fact, children cannot manage trauma. Emotional statements can make your child alone and dejected. Emotional abuse generates uncertainty and insecurity that can destroy them.

Mistake # 12- Parents more often commit false promises to their children.

False promises are very damaging. It is a grave insult, this habit of not fulfilling the promises is very damaging.

A psychologically damaged person who binds in a relationship can never be successful in any relationship.

If parents commit the above-mentioned mistakes and are persistently doing the same, they can mar things to the core.


Parenting mistakes can lead to serious troubles for our kids, every parent should be fully aware of the principles of parenting even before becoming parents.


In the final analysis, this is a complete science and I propagate that we should teach parenting as a major subject in our institutions. Read this article and get tips on how to best parent your kids.

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