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 Important Parenting Tips to Raise Children Successfully in the Modern Era

To start with, the real and authentic knowledge of important parenting tips to raise children successfully is not only preemptory but rather very valuable.

In this article, I will share very valuable and specific suggestions to parents for the protection of their kids from bad elements of society. There is a dire need to give considerable importance to valuable shared knowledge by experts to raise children successfully. I have a great experience of serving my society as an educationist and equally enjoyed the experience of raising kids.

Encouraging a blissful, sound, and happy kid is perhaps the most significant test you will look at as a parent. With regards to bringing up youngsters with exceptional necessities, there is dependably a gamble right all along. There are many nurturing styles that are not suitable for each kid with unique necessities. We can furnish you with certain tips and procedures which can help you in raising a cheerful and sure kid.

My own journey of motherhood was not easy like every mother’s. I committed certain mistakes due to the lack of deep insight into the psychology of children as well as the dearth of knowledge. if I would have greater knowledge, I could perform the role of a mother even better.

I decided to write on this extensively for my next generation; for future parents. In particular, we need to work on bonding.

 There are three levels of human connection

1st level is Repo

To feel comfortable with each other. Interaction is easy.

2nd level is the relationship

Mutual understanding is developed. Sharing with each other can be done.

3rd level is bonding

The urge for togetherness is at its peak. This is the greatest urge. Bonding makes sharing possible.

Confidence  is a crucial tip to raise children

One should consider oneself highly valuable. There should be a genuine reason to be proud of yourself. Self-esteem should be very high.

Confidence is to respect oneself without disrespecting others.

I have discussed the importance of confidence in detail in another article. the link is as above.


Shyness is an inborn trait. The natural tendency to avoid personal disclosure is shyness. When this latent feature gets the light of faith it blooms like a flower as a result of which  we develop perception and understanding.

If you intend to raise your child well, nurture the shyness which is inborn in him.

How does this vanish from the personality?

If parents are reckless in their deportment, they do this.

Shyness is the name of dignity. It has vanished when the child is exposed in one way or the other. Depth analysis of child psychology suggests being very much careful before children in terms of maintaining their shyness secure. The paradigm of East and West is different when we come to discuss this topic.

Self-Defense is another tip to raise children successfully

Self-Defense enhances street awareness. Teaching self-defense is significantly crucial in our modern society in which a child faces an unfavorable scenario. This will give them the knowledge to support themselves with great confidence.

Teach them how to defend themselves, consequently, their awareness of their surroundings will improve. Teach them not to become a victim of peer pressure or bullying.

So far in this discussion, we have traversed the journey of improvement in three steps.

We have successfully developed our relationship with our child at the highest level.

 We have integrated the sense of self-importance in him; nurtured his standard of shyness.

Now the child is very precious, strongly connected, and has the inclination to avoiding of personal disclosure.

Now the turn comes to defend oneself. Defending oneself against bullying or peer pressure.

Key Points for Self-Defence stratagem

Trust your instincts in case of any negative situation

Present yourself with confidence in all the circumstances

Set strong verbal boundaries with  troublesome people around you

Maintain a non-confrontational stance

Keep a safe distance from others

Don’t live a separate life in the family. The element of togetherness is very significant. Staying along with my father is very ideal. This is an educational experience.

Education about Self is a pro tip to raise children

we mostly avoid discussing with our children the most important things at their age of adolescence. For example, we are most reluctant to talk about sex. parents can do this tactfully if they don’t want to become straight.

Don’t teach about sex in an explicit way. Focus on the big canvas. Teaching about self should be the part. Sex is not the driving force; it should come under the larger subject of teaching about self. We don’t teach about self and its parts.



Jealousy is part of the self.

Focus on the knowledge of Anatomy completely. Give him the knowledge about the body.

A child should know the answer to the question, “What is happening in my body?” he should know this to enable himself for personal maintenance. So that he can become intellectually mature. Give him the knowledge at the right stage, at the level of puberty.

Care for Food

Give great care for their food. We are focusing on producing corporate persons for the corporate world. Our knowledge is divided. He doesn’t know about the constituents of food and bodily needs; such as carbohydrates, vitamins, and calcium.

Food and natural inclinations are strongly connected. Your natural inclinations become pure when you are very careful about food. What are your food choices? Have a great concern for the choice of food.

Value of Physical Activities

Physical activities are of humongous importance. To control one’s natural inclinations, physical activities play a greater part. If we focus on the above-discussed 9 points, we will only achieve the greater goals of parenting, which is the topic of another detailed discussion in an article.


Lastly, I would like to conclude by saying that don’t live a separate life in the family. The element of togetherness is very significant. For a child staying along with the father is very ideal. This is an educational experience. Pleasant family life has not only a greater but also a stronger impact on the personality of a child. We need a mentor who can make us aware of the principles of parenting in the most literate way. We must probe the psychology of our children in the first place so that we get the desired results. furthermore, we should do all this even before becoming parents.

Therefore we must use all the resources we can use to enhance our knowledge about parenting. My research-oriented and experiment-based blog serve this sacred purpose in a very explicit way.

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