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Undoubtedly, Copywriting is a high-paying skill. Copywriting is indubitably a High-Paying Skill. Copywriting is anything that is written to sell something. Copywriting is the heart of marketing. It is used in any form of advertisement. Every business needs copywriters to grow their business.

Copywriters are the backbone of the structure of marketing and business because they essentially sell the products of businessmen and thus grow their business through Copywriting. By the power of convincing words, Copywriters make investors successful in lead generation.

Its purpose is to stimulate an action. Actually, it arouses persuasion. The purpose is to sell a product or a service. It can be to get a click or to get your email address; it can be to download your e-book or it can be to get you to donate to a charity cause. Simply, it drives you into action.


The action might be any as they drive you to click on the:

  • Learn More
  • Schedule an Appointment or Call
  • Schedule a Free Consultation
  • Watch a video
  • Book us now
  • Buy Now


There is an excellent variety in Copywriting:

  • Video Sales Letter
  • Sales Letter
  • Sales Page
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Email Copies
  • Website Copies
  • Landing Page
  • About us Page
  • Home Page
  • News Letters
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Google Ads
  • TV Commercials

 What is written over each of the pages as mentioned earlier is called Copywriting because all these pages sell one thing or the other. So, they are called sales copies. And if it is in video format, it is called VSL (Video Sales Letter).

There are two major types of Copywriting

1: Branding Copy:

“TV Commercials” is an example of branding copy. Here, you do not persuade others to dive into action.

2: Direct Response

This is the most profitable type.  Here, you persuade others to direct action. At the end of the text, you give them a call to action. Its godfather is David Ogilvie. It comprises three factors:

  1. Persuasion/ human psychology
  2. Marketing/sales concepts

 How to do Copywriting

If you are thinking at the moment that you can become a copywriter only if you have the inborn talent or you are highly fluent in English, you have another thought. You do not need to be a born writer to become a brilliant Copywriter. It is a completely learnable skill.

 There are 5 basic formulae to be followed:

5 proven formulae by following which you can start writing well-written, compelling, and high-converting copies. Copywriting is always written to persuade people and drive them into action.


1: AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) 

This is the most popular formula.

You will grab your reader’s attention by creating a hook, a headline, a bold promise, and a question, but its purpose is to grab people’s attention.


Explain your service in an engaging manner so that readers can develop their interest.


You will tell the advantages and benefits to the people. How the use of this product will change their lives.   Built desire in them by persuading the benefits of your product.


That is just a “Call to Action”.  A clear-cut call or action. What do you expect from them? Is it to buy your product or service? Is it to download your e-book? Is it to provide their email address? Is it to schedule a call? Is it to click a link?

2: PAS (Problem, Agitation, Solve): Simple but powerful model in Copywriting


You have to mention their pain points.


You have to agitate them, you have to dive deep into the depth of their problems to make them realize that they are understood.


 The solution can be anything that you are selling. It can be a product or a service.

3: 4 Ps (problem, promise, proof, proposal) 


You are going to discuss your prospect’s problems.


Then you will promise them how your product and service will solve their problem.


You will have to prove this with testimonials and case studies. You have to build your credibility or authority here.  It can be examples from your personal life or the people around you or your clients.  You have to prove that your solution is the actual solution.


Finally, you have to propose –what is called to action. What is their next step? Is it to buy your product or add them to your cart? Is it to download your e-book?


Attention-grabbing is a must! Headline or hook!


Find out the problems of your target audience.


 Link the advantages or benefits of your product or service with the problems of your target audience.


You have to build your credibility with the help of testimonials and case studies. Prove that your solution is the actual solution.


You have to persuade your target audience how your product or service can change and improve the lives of the target audience.   You will convince them how they will achieve their ultimate goals.


 You will persuade them to act instantly.

5: SLAP 


Attention grappling hook, burning pain point, bold promise, heading that reader stops.


Engage them to read your copy. They keep on looking for answers to their questions.


Drive your target audience into action by telling them that your product or service is the ultimate remedy or final solution.


You have to tell them that they should buy your product or hire your service.

 Do you want to become a highly paid Copywriter?

If yes, then try to grasp these 5 prerequisites to become an excellent and pro-Copywriter.

1: Fire in the belly!

You must have a strong urge and deep dedication to become a proficient copywriter because if you don’t cherish the craving miracles will not happen for you. You want to change your financial status, you want to satisfy your urges; you want to harbor your dreams. If you have a firm belief in, being yourself by believing the idea:

 “Miracles happen only for those who ratiocinate craving.”

Strong motivation and passion are the first prerequisites. It is a complicated skill, it requires time, effort, dedication, and practice to become a good copywriter. You will be willing to climb the mountains if you have to learn this high-income skill. You will give your best to learn this skill. You will no doubt become a very good copywriter in near future.

2: Grasp at Written English

You will be writing for native clients and you know that the most important thing in Copywriting is to trigger emotions. You can do this by developing a deep meaningful connection with them.

You will never be able to develop that relationship unless you speak to your audience in their language; unless you both are on the same page on the same frequency. So your grammar, basic vocabulary, and English structure should be good enough to fulfill the purpose.

You will have to practice writing as close to natives as possible. As a result, your copy will become highly converting and you will be able to charge on the native’s level over time.


You can do this by following the steps mentioned below:

Start watching native movies and seasons with subtitles.

Start reading books written by native writers.

Start reading copies written by highly skilled copywriters.

And reproduce those copies because unless you practice writing you will not become a good writer.

I think it is clear now that getting good at written English is a very important prerequisite to becoming a good Copywriter.

3: Perception of Selling

It is one of the most important points. You must be 100% clear that selling is not a bad thing. Rather it is very good and noble. You can understand this by the following example if your parents have been suffering from acute back pain for a long. They are not getting rid of that very pain even after trying all the possible measures.  And once you come to know that your friend has tried a peculiar capsule for his parents for the same problem.

Will you not be motivated to do everything possible to convince your parents to use the same?

4: Is selling a bad thing?

No, it is a noble thing. Here come your Copywriting Skills. Unless you know how to persuade people what kind of cognitive triggers to use, what kind of emotional triggers to use; what are the elements of persuasion?; you will not be able to persuade your parents to buy that capsule. That is exactly what you learn as a copywriter, how to sell stuff without actually selling it because you learn subtle selling in Copywriting, how to sell on a hypnotic level. That is how to persuade people to buy.

Persuasion is very close to selling but astonishingly, at the same time, it is very different.  In selling you tend to be sales e pushy, in persuasion you do it on a hypnotic level or a subconscious level without your target audience even knowing that something is being sold to them.  I hope this is crystal clear now.

5: Believe that Copy is a High-Income Skill

We will pursue a degree or a career if we believe that we will be successful after following it. We will be able to get through financial freedom.  You must be 100% sure that Copy is a high-income skill, it can help you become successful and it can get you rid of financial problems.

Native copywriters like John Benson and Stephen Georgian are charging about 80 k $ for their sales copies.  The figure becomes more than I crore Pakistani currency. I hope you are 100% sure believe now that copy is a high-income skill.


Content Copy
Content is always written to educate and inform the audience.


Copy is always written to persuade and convert the audience.
E-books, Articles, Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Social Media Posts, and News Letters are written to educate, inform, and engage the audience as well. Website Copy (to sell brands), Sales Pages,  product Pages (to sell products), Ads Copy, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads, Video Sales Scripts, and Sales Email Sequences The emails that are written to sell stuff.)
There is no specific call to action.  At the end of every single copy, there is a specific call to action.
Content does not generate instant sales or revenues. Copy does generate instant sales or revenues. They are measurable and tractable.
Content is not highly paid. Copywriting is extremely highly paid.
Premium price to good, high-converting copywriters.
Content is almost always paid based on per word basis. Copy is usually paid based on per project basis. Sometimes on the basis of a number of words. But it is high paying. You can easily charge your price ten times higher than per-word charges.
Content writing almost never follows any particular structure or framework. Copywriting almost always follows a particular structure or framework.



 It is a form of writing. It is also a form of writing.
It is written to engage the target audience. It is written to engage the audience.
Educate, inform, and Engage the audience to retain the audience to rank higher. Educate, inform, and Engage the audience to retain the audience and ultimately generate sales.
Fluent writing, Grammatically correct writing, Story Telling, Similes, and Analogies to make the audience easy to understand to retain your audience for a long on the page. Elements of Persuasion, formulae, structure, read books to practice copy.
If a content writer learns the art of persuasion, formulae, and structure, and reads books to practice copy, he will soon be converting from a content writer to a high-converting copywriter.  


 Learn from Right Resources

Learning from the right resources is very crucial. Here are a few important names of expert copywriters:  John Benson, Alex Anthony, and Jacky’s peers.

Important Books

1: Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

This book will literally mesmerize you. In this book, Joe Vitale reveals how lethally powerful words can be to hypnotize your audience and to drive a particular action. His approach to storytelling is really very interesting and profound. It is very easy to follow and very actionable you can very easily implement it in your copy.  This book lays out a complete road map and step-by-step process of creating attention-grabbing, high-converting, and hypnotic copy every single time.

2: The Ultimate Sales Letters by Dan Kennedy

He is an absolute genius when it comes to writing high-converting sales copy and boosting conversions in any of your marketing campaigns. This book teaches you the strategies from basic to advance and real-life case studies and examples, how they were implemented, and how you can now implement them in your next pieces of copy. The best part of the book is winning copy techniques and tactics that Kennedy teaches you to step by step. You will surely see a dramatic boost in your skill. Anyone can implement the tactics on marketing research and techniques for writing a winning copy to get dramatically better at copy and to provide significantly better results to your clients.

3: Seven-Figure Marketing Copy by Sean Vosler

This book is absolutely breathtaking, a masterpiece both in terms of writing as well as design. He really picked up the old-school evergreen Copywriting techniques and blended them with modern methodology to create something absolutely killer.  It is really very engaging.


The best part is this book is 100 % actionable, the copy techniques, strategies, and tools that are laid out in this book can be applied instantly to any piece of copy that you are writing for your clients or for your copy practice. Every copywriter aspires to peculiar formulae for every sales copy, and this book contains dozens of formulae.

There are also techniques to write better CTAS and write a complete website copy as well. This should also be in your arsenal as well. You should absolutely read all these books to write winning copies.



By Saadia Raza

Saadia Raza is an accomplished educator with a passion for English literature and language. holding a masters degree in English, I have dedicated 20 years of my life to teaching at the college level. My deep understanding of the subject and effective teaching methods have earned me a reputation as a respected and influential figure in the field of education. My extensive teaching experience has not only honed my pedagogical skills but has also given me valuable insights into the evolving educational landscape.

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