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A tectonic shift in social trends has occurred in the modern high-tech era. And correspondingly, this move has compelled us to probe the parenting challenges of the 21st century.

The 21st Century has Provided 4 Types of Advantages

Firstly, information is easily accessible. There is an abundance of knowledge.

Secondly, this is the age of technological facilitation. We can speedily execute specific actions.

Thirdly, intercultural, global interaction is now easy.

Fourthly, new sorts of economic activities are created.

Challenges of the 21st Century

1:Information is  a distraction

Information has become a distraction nowadays. Regretfully, this widespread knowledge is playing a major part in distraction. Factors of distraction have increased.

Visual pollution i.e. millions of visuals are available.

Mindless eating we start training our child from the age of two years. We complain when he is absent-minded whereas we train him by ourselves of mindlessness.

Listening pollution

Listening to pollution has become a great hassle in the process of concentration. Personal reflection has become difficult.

2: Community life is in danger.

Community feelings are weak now. There’s hollowness and chaos in human society. Lust for materialism has dominated. There’s a mass of people and not a nation in every state. Additionally, modernity has influenced it badly.  Our identity is

Generally speaking, the structure of our family system is almost demolished. As a matter of fact, it is standing on the edge.

 We are struggling very hard to sustain our moral, cultural, and ideological life. If the ethos and dynamics of family life suffer, everything will be demolished.  Resultantly, this will be the actual predicament.

Life can only be meaningful and valuable if there’s a real spirit of life.  In other words, if we excel in family life, we can live a life of real value and excellence.  Admittedly true that,

“House is built by hand, home is built by heart.”

 3: Hyper Consumerism

There’s always a strong temptation to buy new and latest things. The people are great and resist the temptation to buy the latest.

Our stance is: “Since I can afford it, I should buy it.”

Impulsive buying increases due to weak or broken relationships.

This creates an imbalance not only in our own lives but also in family lives.

Man can get sensory pleasure and not spiritual satisfaction and pleasure.

4: Ecological Crisis

This is connected with the previous issue. Carbon footprint is a term that means a human activity that results in more carbon dioxide and eventually, there’s an ecological crisis.

  1. The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community.

Our life is engaged in the process of only earning, buying, and consuming. We are consuming our energy by working hard to earn money to buy new things more than investing our potential to work for our personal development.

Our ecosystem is destroying, there’s more global warming.

Things to Do

Most importantly, there are 5 dimensions of relationship to focus on. We should develop a deep concern to establish a beautiful and consolidated relationship. This is the only way how can we leave a legacy for our future generations.

What is a relationship?

Firstly, it doesn’t mean any blood relation. People are bonded by blood but their relationship is weak or doesn’t exist at all.

Secondly, a Relationship doesn’t only mean staying connected all the time.

Thirdly, networking is not a relationship. These are totally different. They are the gifts of different paradigms.

Networking is the outcome of Modernism. A relationship is the basis of traditional society.


Distance is the requisite for networking Presence is the requisite of a relationship.
We create personal space at the cost of privacy. Sharing is possible, presence makes one happy, and the company is enjoyable.
We make our projected image common.


Trust and the spirit of togetherness is alive.
We remain ignorant of our true state of being. We are conscious of each other, there’s feeling.
There’s no sense of self-hood. Sense of self-hood is satisfied.


We experience the process of completion by staying in a strong and valuable relationship.  A relationship is the greatest blessing. A love–thirsty person cannot find even himself.  This is a relationship-starved generation. It has not established the type of relationship as it should.

Why there’s a failure in our society in nurturing the most important factor?

The meaningfulness of life depends on relationships. Sense of self-hood and self-esteem develops only as a result of a relationship.

The knowledge is valuable that establishes the relationship. Our high religious moral standards teach us the sense of togetherness to stay in touch to form a valuable society.

Satisfaction and pleasure come through a relationship. The absence of a true relationship makes the experience of true happiness impossible.

3 reasons to establish a strong relationship

1: Experience of self–completion

2: Meaningfulness of life

3: The experience of true pleasure

5 Dimensions of Relationship

Tragically, the modern era has destroyed the essence of all these relations.

Relationship with Self

Spare time for yourself. Learn time management skills carefully. Successful time management does not mean exhausting our potential.

There are two paradigms of actual or fruitful time management.

Energy is not exhausted.

Free time is present. Life is not over-occupied. There should be time for contemplation. Leisure would make our loneliness meaningful. Solitude will become enjoyable. Personal reflection will become possible. Experience silence by letting you be free of gadgets. Listen to your inward voice.

Sounds of Nature are beneficial. Moments for solitude. You will be contemplative.

  • Self-Analysis

Our education system does not teach us to analyze ourselves.

“How can I know what I know until I see what I say”.

E.M. Foster’s “Passage to India”

1: List down your top 20 wishes

Evaluate your desires at a conscious level. Differentiate material and non-material desires.

2: Top 20 worries and concerns

What dominates your thought process?

Question yourself: “Is it really worth worrying about?”

A great man does not involve in petty affairs. Evaluate your concerns as well.

 3: Form your personal time-line

What are your tragedies and pleasures; the events of life. Interpret all the events positively. Be grateful for what Allah Almighty has bestowed upon you.  Realize your strengths to be grateful.

Eventually, gratefulness develops as a result of forming a timeline. The whole process results in self-awareness. A man should know about the factors of his personality development.

4: List down your weak points

Realize your weaknesses to improve your -self. Focus on your weak areas. If we analyze ourselves we will come to know how much we need to amend.

2nd dimension – Relationship with Family (Spouse and Children)

Understand the term “Quality-time”.

There are 3 indicators:

1: Give time to them, don’t take time from them.  Be careful about selecting a mutually agreed agenda or topic of discussion. Give time don’t take time.

2: Uninterrupted meeting time of a minimum of 20 minutes.

3: Urge to meet again. If the urge sustains, you are successful in spending quality time.

You can make your relationship better only when you make your relationship better with yourself. Work on yourself first, and you will experience miraculous changes around you.

Most importantly, we must be careful in giving unconditional respect to each other and to children. Talk to the child respectfully keeping in view his self-esteem. In other words, respect your child as you give respect to great persons or your friends. Do not pamper him. Fulfill only fair needs. Don’t accomplish unfair desires. But do maintain his self-respect.

You should be emotionally strong enough to tolerate any criticism without demoralizing yourself.

Parenting does not mean they are our servants; we are not their lords. Allah has conferred us to maintain our psychological and emotional health.

Try to understand them more than make them understand.

Talk to them leisurely. There should be an environment of pleasant conversation.

3rd dimension-Relationship with Others

Who is more aware is more responsible. Forgive others and ask forgiveness even if you are not guilty. Give importance and value to them without ignoring your own self—exercise higher moral values and standards.

 4th dimension-Relationship with Allah

Accountability is awakened. Judge your intentions.   Get rid of public opinion. God-consciousness is the opposite of people – consciousness. When you are connected with Allah, your conversation will transform positively.  Nurture the elements of self-control and self-responsibility in your personality.

5th dimension-Relationship with Nature

Be careful about your routine and diet. Observe a better routine. Coordinate with nature by spending time with it. Listen to the sounds of nature. Spend time with nature and experience the healing process, as Wordsworth, John Keats, William Henry Davies, and many other nature lovers did.

“Getting and spending we lay waste our powers.”

The final word about developing relationship with nature is,” adopt minimalism“. Consume little on worldly pursuits. Eventually, you will find peace of mind.

To work for the common good is the highest creed.

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