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Born at the University Hospital in San Juan, P.R. On February 5, 1950, Frank Suarez was born to Isabelita (who was a native of the city of Cayey who had studied at the University of Puerto Rico) and Jose Suarez. Frank has two siblings: his sister Titina, his brother Jose.

Frank Suarez went to elementary school at Santa Maria de Guadalupe in San Juan. He graduated from Ponce High School in 1968. Still, he received an Academic Diploma from the Technical Vocational Institute (today named Technological University of Puerto Rico) in 1970.

At the University of Puerto Rico, he earned degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration in 1972.

Personal Life & Career

Personal Life & Career

Suarez began his professional life in 1971 as a sales representative for a company that manufactured industrial refrigeration equipment, first in San Juan and then in Ponce. That same year he was made manager of the sales and marketing section of a major Puerto Rican corporation that had set up operations at EI Morro, New York City.

His position led him to seek to establish contacts in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Colombia and Venezuela. Suarez, who had extensive contact with the Hispanic markets, was soon transferred to Venezuela.

In 1974 he was appointed co-manager of a company specializing in economic and social research in Venezuela. Suarez kept this position until 1977, when he was appointed head of their branch in Jacksonville, Florida. From 1977 to 1981, he held this position.

In 1981 Suarez returned to Puerto Rico to work as regional sales manager for a pharmaceutical and medical equipment company that operated internationally; during his time at the job.

He won recognition for how he handled his territory, which included Puerto Rico and Latin America. His efforts allowed him to win recognition from the company for being among the 50 best salespeople worldwide.

Personal Life & Career

In 1983 Suarez began working as a marketing manager for the Puerto Rico Seaboard Corporation, owned by CBS. This position made him responsible for marketing products to the public sector.

In 1984 he took over several positions in sales and procurement at one of the company’s affiliated companies, which ultimately made him director of global logistics and purchasing for this business organization.

After a brief period in sales/marketing at Grupo Prisa, another Puerto Rican conglomerate from 1982 to 1985, Suarez returned to Puerto Rico to work as a senior economist in the office of the Secretary of Planning and Development.

He was in charge of all economic development programs financed by HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). He also held various positions in the public sector, such as public relations director at the University of Puerto Rico, a position he held from 1986 to 1988.

In 1989 Suarez was appointed as Executive Director of Planning and Foreign Affairs at the University of Puerto Rico. He stayed until 1998 when he moved to Panama to take over as Executive Director of the Panamanian Institute for Youth Development (IDEA), which the Inter-American Foundation then managed.

He stayed at IDEALC until 2001 when he assumed his current position with Foundation for Progress, a non-profit organization that focuses on human development. This organization also houses his blog on health topics in Spanish, “Talk 247”.

Suarez is a member of the Puerto Rican Journalists Association where he holds the secretary’s office. He is also a member of Sigma Sigma Phi Fraternity, where he has received many awards for his work and as a student leader. Suarez lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico, with his wife María Esther Suarez (her maiden name) and their two children, Rodrigo and Carolina.

What He’s Today

What He’s Today

Today, Frank Suarez is a social communicator on topics related to health. He has become one of the most sought-after speakers in Puerto Rico. He has an extensive record as a professional speaker at institutions such as:

  • The Pontificia Universidad Católica de P.R.
  • Tecnológico de P.R.
  • Puerto Rico Medical Association
  • other institutions and organizations in Puerto Rico
  • Latin America has hosted him as an educator or communications strategist for their programs and events.

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